Loch Gin Liqueur 700ml



An offshoot of the Loch Gin, this liqueur retains the light peppery notes of its big sister but is sweeter on the palate (naturally, due to it being a liqueur). Still using a grape spirit as its base, the gin liqueur focuses on traditional London Dry gin botanicals rather than Australian native botanicals, all of which are ground by hand before distillation, and some of which are picked fresh from Loch's own garden. The botanicals are steeped in the grape spirit before being distilled in hand beaten Alembic copper pot stills from Portugal. This gin liqueur is designed for sipping neat on the rocks.

Alcoholic strength - 32% ABV 


Co-founder of Loch, Craig Johnson became a devotee of single malt whisky fifteen years ago while living in Melbourne. It started a journey that led to the small Victorian country town of Loch in South Gippsland, occupying an old bank building which now houses the distillery, brewery and cellar door. In between, Craig and his wife (and co-founder) Mel spent time with Bill Lark in Tasmania learning the art of distilling before designing a small brewery (in order to make whisky). Craig & Mel's copper distillery equipment (hand beaten in Portugal) was not readily available in Australia however the rest of the operation was made from locally sourced materials. The pot distilled gin is the first spirit available from Loch with the couple planning seasonal variations during the year to each production of gin as different botanicals become available from their garden.