Belgrove Rye Whisky 500ml



A whisky distilled from 100% rye corn and aged for 2-3 years in ex Tasmanian malt whisky barrels. Rye whiskies are traditionally spicier than malt whiskies and this one is no different, with the spiciness carrying through on the palate and the finish. There's a creaminess on the nose with hints of tropical fruits and yeasty dough.  There's quite a long finish so this one is great for sipping!

Alcoholic strength: 42% ABV



Originally started about 6 years ago after owner and master distiller Peter Bignell had a overflow of rye and decided to start distilling it, Belgrove is one of a handful of paddock to bottle distilleries in the world and Australia's only one producing a rye whisky.  (that's him up there charring the barrels in the whiskies are aged):

"I grow my own ryecorn to produce a 100% rye whisky. I built my copper pot still from scratch. It is direct fired with biodiesel that I make from waste cooking oil from a roadhouse next to my farm. Hot water is also biodiesel heated. My tractors forklift and truck also run on Biodiesel.The only significant material I bring to the farm is waste cooking oil and the only product to leave is whisky."


If drinking it neat is not your thing, try this spin on a Whisky Mac cocktail, which we think is a refreshing tipple for the lighter summery months

Whisky Rye-Mac

  • Stir 60ml Belgrove Rye Whisky and 30ml Stones ginger wine in a tall glass
  • Fill with crushed ice and top up with ginger beer