Belgrove White Rye 500ml



Rye whisky distilled from 100% rye corn. This rye whisky is not aged. The graininess of the rye hits you on the nose with notes of dried fruit and spice. It has a peppery and slightly smoky taste yet still fruit and creamy. 

Alcoholic strength: 40% ABV



Originally started about 6 years ago after owner and master distiller Peter Bignell had a overflow of rye and decided to start distilling it, Belgrove is one of a handful of paddock to bottle distilleries in the world and Australia's only one producing a rye whisky. (that's him up there charring the barrels in the whiskies are aged)::

"I grow my own ryecorn to produce a 100% rye whisky. I built my copper pot still from scratch. It is direct fired with biodiesel that I make from waste cooking oil from a roadhouse next to my farm. Hot water is also biodiesel heated. My tractors forklift and truck also run on Biodiesel.The only significant material I bring to the farm is waste cooking oil and the only product to leave is whisky."


If drinking it neat is not your thing, try this in a Bloody Mary, the spiciness of the rye goes well with some kick from the Tabasco and pepper:

Rye Mary

  • Shake or mix in a tumbler 200ml tomato juice, 50ml Belgrove White Rye with a few dashes of Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper (depending on how spicy you want it) and a squeeze of lemon juice
  • Pour into a tall glass filled with ice and garnish with celery stick with cherry tomatoes.